The knowledge, without know how, is totally useless”
(M. Planck)

S.M.A.R.T. was founded in 2001 by a team whose talents were appreciated and known in the industry, very skilled in designing and manufacturing  thread rollers.
Up to that time, all the secondary operation machinery was using old technology  characterized by complicated set-up procedures high wearing areas, requiring heavy and expensive maintenance.
Moreover, the mechanical complexity requires, very long set up times, high maintenance costs and real productivity lost.
In this climate, Smart got the encouragement to design and to manufacture a totally new machine range, able to satisfy the end users’ needs and to address properly the continuous evolution of the actual market.

The SMART philosophy, based on simple but fundamental concepts, such as simplicity, construction modularity and, above all, the use of the new technologies, commonly used in other industrial fields, but totally unknown and unused in threader machinery construction, has led to the possibility to reach incredible advantages such as total automation of the set up, and easiness and total stability and reliability during the production process.

Particularly, the innovative solutions, patented worldwide, together with  the tight cooperation and partnership with our customers and our most strategic suppliers, have led Smart to create  a “New Generation”  of machines, with an incredibly positive reception, together with the constant appreciation of the customers, and the presence of the machinery in  important customers all over the world.   

In December of 2015, National Machinery LLC announced that it had taken a controlling interest in SMART Machinery Srl., which is a new company formed to assume the business interests and assets of S.M.A.R.T Srl. National Machinery operates in three business areas comprised of: cold and warm forming equipment; customer service & support products on a global basis; and process technology. Based in Tiffin, Ohio (USA), National Machinery has global operations in the United States, Germany, Japan, China and Brazil. Its machinery is known for high speed and high precision production of metal fasteners and parts. National Machinery will become the global master agent for the sale and service of SMART equipment, and these high technology threaders are a perfect addition to their full line of products/services.

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