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SMART Machinery Srl

Via Postumia Zl Co.InArt 2 - Italy - 15057
Tortona (AL) - P.IVA 09310960969

Tel (+39) 0131 89.49.89


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We maintain technical support centers around the world to support our customers in their local time zone. 

Contact your regional support center listed in the map above for assistance with:


  • Identifying or ordering spare parts

  • Scheduling a visit from one of our service technicians

  • A rebuild or repair project

  • Technical troubleshooting 



We carry a wide range of stock and custom spare parts in our inventory. In the chance that the part you require is not in stock we are a fully equipped manufacturer for quick part production and expedited delivery. At SMART we fully understand the impact of downtime for our customers, that is why we strive to you get you the parts you need as quickly as possible.



Smart Machinery’s products are installed globally. To ensure the productivity of these machines, we have our field service team and our remote service team available 24/7. No place is too far, no problem too complex to trouble shoot and most importantly, our inventory of spare parts will ensure that your machines are not left standing. Our highly trained specialists are always in constant contact with our remote team while on call to ensure that our response time is short. Our goal: Make our customers profitable!



With our customers’ permission, we remain in close contact with their maintenance department and where permitted, we can monitor the performance of our installed based through internet connectivity.  Therefore, when necessary, we can  communicate preventive maintenance to ensure the lowest repair cost possible for our customers.

SMART Machinery Srl

Via Postumia Zl Co.InArt 2 - Italy - 15057 Tortona (AL)

SMART Machinery Srl is a

National Machinery LLC owned company