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Planetary thread rolling

SMART Machinery revolutionized the thread rolling industry by building threading machinery that

SMART Machinery offers flat die thread

rolling machines, planetary thread rolling machines, pointing machines, and washer assembly units.

All thread rolling and pointing models are powered by a patented Direct Drive motor that provides max torque at zero speed along with higher energy efficiency than traditional motors. Patented servo linear motors are used to control the Introduction system. Adjustment of stroke and timing of the introduction finger along with placement and pressure of the blank moving into the die are made easily from the control screen. Another significant feature of SMART machines is Auto-setup, a technology for quick setup of pre-stored jobs, and patented Servo Die Match.

The RNG planetary thread rolling machine series include two machine sizes, RNG which can

thread standard or hollow parts from M6 to M14 and RNG Maxi which can thread standard or hollow parts from M10 to M24. Standard spindle diameter can be increased with the use of distance rings, allowing for use of multiple die sizes and maximizing part size flexibility for each model. The RNG rotary machine works well for hollow parts as the rotary dies tend to not misshape or pinch the hollow tube of the part. The RNG’s rotary dies are able to handle heat treated machine screws with increased tool speed and tool life when compared to flat dies.

Smart Machinery is a National Machinery owned company, serving customers worldwide through their global support and sales offices. Service centers are located in the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan and China and are staffed with qualified technicians ready to perform service visits. Parts, mechanical service, electrical service, maintenance manuals and technical assistance are available from all of National Machinery or SMART Machinery’s service locations.


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