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Simplicity, repeatability, durability and quality

SMART Machinery supplies customers with cutting-edge threading and pointing equipment, along with providing world-wide customer service. The company is known for their thread rolling machines built on the fundamental principles of simplicity, repeatability, durability, and quality. SMART thread-rolling machines were the first on the market to utilize direct drive servo-motor technology. The totally gearless Direct Drive is a SMART patented technology that provides maximum torque at zero speed and requires fewer parts than traditional motors, which means less wear, less maintenance and reduced costs to keep the machine running. Other benefits of direct drive over traditional motors include an average 20% higher efficiency, significant noise reduction, considerable reduction of machine vibration, and a longer running life due to fewer moving parts.

Another significant component of SMART machines is their use of patented linear motors in the introduction system. Linear motors provide precise adjustments of all introduction functions, including the electronic control of the precise placement of the blank against the dies at the right time which can be adjusted by the operator. The servo-driven Smart system, in addition to providing greater simplicity, offers a 0.01 mm blank position control, throughout the entire machine cycle. This method of using linear motors to adjust introduction functionality provides repeatable results for total control of the production process.

(NG thread rolling machine servo linear motor induction system)

SMART’s flat die thread rolling machines come in 2 main model series, NG and NGW Maxi thread rollers which cover diameter sizes from as little as 3 mm up to 48 mm. A unique advantage of the NG and NG Maxi machines is the option to add Adjustable Stroke, a technology that enables one machine model to encompass a range of different die dimensions. Resulting in one machine model capable of a larger size range with different production speeds related to the chosen stroke.

(RNG thread rolling parts)

For hollow, heavy headed, and high out-put standard parts, Smart offers a rotary thread rolling machine line. The RNG rotary thread rolling machine series includes two machine sizes, RNG which can thread standard or hollow parts from M6 to M14 and RNG Maxi which can thread standard or hollow parts from M10 to M24. Standard spindle diameter can be increased with the use of distance hubs, allowing for use of multiple die sizes, and maximizing part size flexibility for each model.Thanks to a very progressive rolling process permitted by a large roll diameter and long segment up to 600 mm, the RNG rotary machine works well for hollow parts as the rotary dies tend to not misshape or pinch the hollow tube of the part. The RNG’s rotary dies, adjusted by dedicated software, are able to handle heat treated machine screws with increased speed and tool life when compared to flat dies.

(NP Pointer producing Grooves on parts)

SMART also offers machines that point, groove, and pierce. NP Pointing machines are compact, fast, flexible, and feature the same patented Direct-drive and linear motor servo technology as SMART thread rolling machines. Recently the NP machines have been improved with a new spindle, now making it possible to produce grooves and shaped forms in addition to pointing. It is also possible to make holes, with the addition of special tools. A new development was done on a NP Pointing machine to groove parts for the EV market which required stringent tolerances. SMART’s groove pointers are incredibly accurate and can achieve a tolerance range of 0.004”.

(Before/After Grooving on NP Pointer)

For those looking for optimal productivity, SMART Machinery offers optional features that maximize their equipment’s efficiency. SMART threaders and pointers can be equipped with Auto-setup technology for storage of 2000+ jobs, powered adjustment and set-point return for die match, and injector position and vertical position of rails/bowl. Values for speed, rail width, and stationary die settings can be stored specific to job number for future reference and fast set-up. In conjunction with the elective Auto-Setup feature, the optional patented powered Die Match adjustment allows touch-screen adjustment of die match.

All of SMART’s comprehensive machine technology offerings can be found on their new website set to launch September 2020. The website is designed for a better viewing experience and features a more fluid design and improved language capability. An integrated news and social media structure will allow customers better visibility into the work and pride that goes into SMART Machinery products and services. Please check out the new site at

Smart Machinery is a National Machinery owned company, serving customers worldwide through their global support and sales offices. Service centers are located in the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan and China and are staffed with qualified technicians ready to perform service visits. Parts, mechanical service, electrical service, maintenance manuals and technical assistance are available from all National Machinery or SMART Machinery’s service locations.


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